.45 ACP 230gr JHP [500 Rnds/case]

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.45 ACP 230gr JHP (500 Rnds/case)

(5 Cases)(500rds/case)

  • 230 gr JHP
  • All Brass Cases (non magnetic)
  • Premium propellant
  • Certified Same-Lot-Cases = 500 rounds
  • Custom Sealed Ammo Case - IAW IP-67


Computer Controlled Factory Loaded Small Arms Ammunition



AEGIS produces the best bulk ammunition possible—for all your training, sporting, hunting or defense needs.


Customer gets reusable Ammo Case:  All ammunition is hermetically sealed, tracked by lot code, and ships in a custom IP-67x marine dry-box.

Once completed, the dry-box is perfect for re-tasking for all your critical uses:

  • First Aid Kits
  • Road Emergency Kits
  • Range Kits – tools, hearing and eye pro, etc.
  • MRE/Food and medicine safe storage
  • Other dry/secure storage – batteries, tools, instruments, etc.



All cases are NEW or Once-fired, X-ray inspected, FULLY PROCESSED to SAMMI spec brass cases.  Never steel or aluminum alloys.

Quality once-fired, 100% inspected and case-gauged cartridges provides shooters value and accuracy at competitive prices.



AEGIS Precision Kinetics uses the best available Commercial and MIL-grade propellants for all our small arms ammunition (training or defense grades)

Top quality propellants insure clean burning, consistent performance.


Minimum Order Quantity – DSD:

  • Extraordinarily low MOQ: 5 cases.
  • Due to customer allocation, at this time, maximum is set at: 100 cases per order


AEGIS Precision Kinetics™ Small Arms Ammo provides high-performance accuracy and reliability at a cost-effective price.  AEGIS handgun & rifle training  ammunition is loaded by computer-controlled machines with full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets, consisting of a lead core bullet enclosed in a heavy copper jacket.  AEGIS provides great ammo for high-volume shooting without compromising downrange results.


WARNING: To avoid possible injury: (1) Use ONLY in firearms in good operating condition suitable for modern ammunition.  (2) Keep barrel free of obstruction. (3) Check all cartridges that they are correct for use in your firearm. (4) If gun misfires, keep pointed in safe direction.  (5) If ammo fails to discharge properly: with a light recoil and/or unusually loud or weak sound (“pop”) -- it could be a malfunction—do NOT reload. Unload firearm completely IAW safe gun-handling techniques and check barrel & breach for obstructions. (6) Wear eye and ear protection. (7) Use ONLY in well ventilated areas consistent with hazards associated with ammunition, lead exposure and hazardous chemicals.  (8) AEGIS accepts no liability express or implied for reloading this ammunition.


User of this ammunition accepts ALL responsibility for safe storage and use. 


If you need training on the proper use of firearms and ammunition—get it.


CA PROP 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.